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Approvals Dashboard – Mobile Lite and ELIAS Governance

Mobile Lite can be configured to hold all asset change in the approvals workflow so it can be reviewed, approved or dismissed.

At the point of approval, changes to PPM, Cap Ex and Operational Status are highlighted, ensuring impact on maintenance and cost is understood before the data is allowed into the ELIAS data lake.

This change is managed in the ELIAS Approvals Dashboard.

Mobile Lite

To find out more about ELIAS Mobile Lite you should read the following article, it will help you understand the changes being governed in the Approvals Dashboard;

Getting Started with ELIAS Mobile Lite – an overview and starter guide to using Mobile Lite, including step by step guide and helper video

Approvals Dashboard Overview

  • Users with the Admin (Supplier or REAMS Admin) or Approvals role have access to the Approvals Dashboard.
  • The Approvals dashboard is in the Admin Portal and linked from the header on the Analytics app.
  • All approvals records will be in the dashboard listing, including previously approved/dismissed records and un-governed auto approved records.
  • The dashboard loads with a status filter by default showing only records with a status of “New” and “On Hold”. All records will show if these filter tags are removed.
  • Approval records status;
    • New – an item that has not yet had it’s status updated
    • On Hold – status shows that the record has been reviewed but no action taken
    • Dismissed – the change has been rejected and will not show in the ELIAS data lake
    • Approved – the change has been accepted and will have been passed into the ELIAS data lake
  • Use the filters in conjunction with the sort to find approvals items.

Approvals Dashboard Navigation

  • If you have access to multiple accounts (tenants or contracts) use the Account filter to narrow down the records in view.
  • Use the Date Range filter and Date Created sort to find recent items.
  • The impact filter allows you to view records that effect PPM, Cap Ex and Operational Status.
  • An asset that has multiple approval and changes records will be grouped together and collapsed to a single row. This can be expanded to view all records.
  • Records can be pinned to the top of the approvals listing to allow them to be found easily.
  • Approvals Dashboard filters;
    • Account
    • Date Range
    • Impact
    • Location
    • Status
    • Type (Change Type e.g. Asset Condition)

Approvals Record Drawer

  • The record can be reviewed and approved in the approvals drawer, opened using the eye icon on each record.
  • The drawer includes the following information;
    • Approval Status
    • Asset Identification and Location
    • The change type & new data applicable to the change type
    • Impact of change (see next slide)
    • Date/time the change was submitted to approval and the user
    • Notes supporting the approval – editable by the approver user
    • Approval Status – editable by the approver user
  • Approved records can not be edited once approved.

NB: the order of approval does not affect what data is shown in the ELIAS data lake, this is governed by the date time of change on the originating user’s device in Mobile Lite (always GMT).

i.e. later changes always overwrite earlier ones irrespective of approval order.

Understanding Impact of Change

  • Any change to Cap Ex, PPM or Operational Status is highlighted in the listing and drawer;
  • Cap Ex;
    • Replacement cost up or down
    • Lifecycle up or down
  • Operating Status;
    • Status is shown if changed
  • PPM;
    • Previous SFG 20 and new SFG 20 Reference
    • Annual timings up or down
    • Highest priority SFG 20 Criticality if changed

Summary – Governance Workflow & Approval

  • Only Mobile Lite changes can be governed and passed through the approvals workflow.
  • If your organisation does not use the governance workflow your changes will be present immediately against the asset, including the last edit date and the user who made the last change.
  • If your organisation has governance of asset change active, you will see an information panel at the top of the asset page confirming in Mobile Lite or Analytics that it is awaiting governance approval.
  • No change will be visible in ELIAS or included in any export, report or over an API until the item is approved.
  • Items can not be un-approved: removing the change from the ELIAS data lake, the change will need to be re-entered against the asset.
  • Analytics has a Change Dashboard providing allowing change to be monitored in your digital estate. This includes change via Mobile Lite and Approvals, Inspections app and via data import. (dashboard coming soon – can be reviewed in the ELIAS demo site on request).