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Asset Validation Status in the Inspections Application

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Some asset surveys involve the validation of existing asset data. This involves a data load of assets where the details and location will need to be validated on an asset by asset basis. For this type of survey an additional question is present against the asset “Asset Validation status”. This will need to be populated for every asset in oder to complete the survey.

Asset Validation Status Question

On asset edit; If the asset doesn’t have a validation option selected then the first step on editing an asset will be to select a validation status;

  • Validated – (100% confidence on asset match) – the asset exists and can be validated, all available information will be captured.
  • Partial Validation – (Not 100% confidence on asset match) – the asset exists; but can not be uniquely identified on site, or another validation issue e.g. quantity.
  • Unable to Locate – not able to validate this asset as it can not be found or identified.

On selection of “Validated or Partial Validation” the asset drawer will update with the question set to match the asset type. The Asset Validation Status question will be present in the drawer as one of the last questions. The asset type can be changed if required and all questions can be populated as you would in a normal asset edit. The asset can also be moved to the correct location.

On selection of “Unable to locate” you will be presented with an asset notes field only, no other questions.

Identifying the Asset

In the Asset Validation drawer we also include some asset information to allow you to identify the asset without opening the full asset drawer. This includes the following;

  • Local Asset Description:
  • Asset Tag ID:
  • Existing Asset Tag:
  • Serial Number:
  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:

A hyphen will be used against the label if no data is available.

Should you need more information you can select “Validated or Partial Validation” to load the asset drawer with all questions and populated data visible for the asset. Analyse the asset and make the appropriate selection on the Asset Validation status along with the population of the other asset questions.

However you will need to close the drawer without saving and re-edit to select “Not Found” in order to avoid filling in all mandatory questions should the asset be one that can not be populated due to it not existing in the estate.