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CAFM Loadsheet – how to download from ELIAS

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How to get your CAFM Loadsheet and export your Asset Register from the ELIAS Analytics Application

If you have an ELIAS Analytics user account you can very easily access your CAFM Loadsheet;

  • If you have a bespoke CAFM Loadsheet it will be accessible via the big red “Export CAFM”button.
  • The default ELIAS Export (Asset Register) can also be accessed via the “Export CAFM” additional options.
  • A download of asset images delivered as a .zip file can also be accessed.
  • If you do not have a bespoke CAFM Loadsheet, the “Export CAFM” will export the default ELIAS Export.
  • The CAFM and default ELIAS Export will be delivered as Excel spreadsheets.

Navigating to the Asset Management Profile Dashboard

From the homepage click on the “Asset Management Profile” link in the Analytics section of the navigation in the ELIAS Analytics application.

Generating your CAFM Loadsheet

The Asset Management Profile Dashboard and the Export CAFM button

Video – How to Download your CAFM Loadsheet