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Application Switcher(App Switcher)

ELIAS has multiple applications, depending on your user role you may have access to one or more of these apps. You can change apps using the “App Switcher” located in the top left of the ELIAS.

Changing ELIAS App

  • Open the Application Switcher panel using the 9 dots icon top left
  • Select the application you want to access “switch to”
  • The selected ELIAS app will load

ELIAS Applications

  • Inspections – asset register management and add new assets, surveying app
  • Mobile Lite – asset integrity, keep your asset register up to date via a governed workflow
  • Analytics – interrogate and gain insight via the ELIAS insight and reporting app
  • Syrius – IOT, BMS and alerts
  • Knowledge Centre – ELIAS help site with tutorials, helper articles and videos
  • UAV Surveys – access field technology reports and carry out surveys
  • Administration – manage you users, accounts and location hierarchy

Application Switcher helper video