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Considerations for offline working with the ELIAS Inspections app

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The ELIAS Inspections app allows you to work offline when there is no data connection available. It will also manage the syncing of data automatically, by monitoring your data connection.

There are however, a few considerations to be aware of when working in the Inspections application, in regard to working offline. These have been outlined below.

Good working practice in areas with poor connectivity

  • Be prepared for your days surveying by logging in and activating any facility required before arriving onsite.
  • Try to sync periodically if working offline for more than a few hours. Find a location with a good data connection and check all data is synced including images e.g. let your device sync at lunch if possible.
  • Ensure that all data is synced at end of every working day.

You can’t login when offline

Login requires access to the ELIAS authentication server which can only be accessed online.

If you log off when offline you will not be able to log back in until you have a data connection.

If you close ELIAS and turn off your device without logging out, you can turn it on and access ELIAS again without logging back in. This is only good for 72 hours, after that period you will need to login again, with a data connection.

You can’t sync data or activate a facility when offline

The syncing of location and asset data, including initial activation of a facility can only take place online.

If there may be a poor data connection or no data connection onsite, always login online and initialise the facility prior to arriving onsite. You will need to be in a location with a good data connection to do so.

Ensure the data you need is in the Inspections app prior to attending site if you feel there may be data connection issues.

Ensure that any un-synced data is synced at the end of every working day.

  • Ensure your device is on,
  • has good battery life or is on charge,
  • you are logged in,
  • ELIAS Inspections is open and the sync indicator is showing online and upload/download activity if you have un-synced data,
  • Sync will be complete when there are no remaining records shown on the online indicator and the syncing icon has stopped.

You can find out more about the online and sync indicator and how this can help you manage your data, in this article – ELIAS Inspections Online and Sync indicator

Do not clear down your browser in settings or you will lose data!

Un-synced data will be lost if you delete or clear data in the browser settings. This data can not be recovered.

Clearing data could also clear browser cookies automatically logging you out.

Do not attempt to change any browser settings unless you are absolutely sure you know what the impact will be.

If in doubt contact the ELIAS support desk, we will be very happy to help out.