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Decommission and Commision asset – Mobile Lite

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This article will guide you through the decommission and commission process in Mobile Lite.

Video Demo of Decommission/Commission of an Asset in Mobile Lite

Steps to Decommission an Asset

  • Locate the asset to be decommissioned and open the asset details page (scan, search or browse to find the asset),
  • Use the “Update button” at the bottom of the asset page to open the change select drawer,
  • Select the “Operating Status or Decommission an Asset” change type and click the “Save & Continue button”,
  • Answer the questions in the drawer,
  • If decommissioned is selected from Operating Status select, you will see a new question/switch at the bottom “Add new replacement asset?”, select this if you are to add a replacement asset, if not leave as is and click the “Save & Continue” button,
  • If “Add new replacement asset?” was selected you will have a new drawer opened with the new asset pre-selected in the same location is the one you just decommissioned, answer all questions see the Getting Started with ELIAS Mobile Lite for more detail on how to add an asset
  • If you did not select “Add new replacement asset?” you will now have decommissioned the asset and are now complete.

Commissioning a New Asset

  • As outlined in the Decommission step you can select to add a new asset by selecting the “Add new replacement asset?” when decommissioned an asset, however you can also add a new asset from the asset listing,
  • In the asset listing page “use the “Add Asset” link at the bottom of the page,
  • In the new asset drawer answer all questions, use the bypass options if required,
  • Populate the “Existing Asset ID” (QR/Barcode) in the Additional Information section at the bottom of the drawer. This should come from the asset you decommissioned, if appropriate. This will allow the history to be linked from the old to the new asset.


  • Find the asset to be decommissioned and set the “Operating Status” to decommissioned.
  • If an asset is to be commissioned in it’s place;
    • Select the “Add new replacement asset?” after selecting decommissioned, this will add a new asset immediately after the decommission,
    • or, you can add a new asset from the “Asset Listing page”.
    • Don’t forget to populate the “Existing Asset ID” (QR/Barcode) if possible from the decommissioned asset.
  • When commissioning a new asset that is unrelated to a previously decommissioned asset it is a simple process of adding a new asset
  • Add notes to assist the admin team if necessary