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Decommission and commission assets in the Inspections application

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The ELIAS Inspections application allows for assets to be set to a decommissioned state. It is also possible to add new asset records to commission a new asset.

Decommission an asset

Find the asset that needs to be decommissioned. This can be done in one of the following ways;

Once the asset has been located, edit the “Operating Status” field. This should be updated to “Decommissioned”.

NB: Do NOT DELETE the asset, it needs to be set to decommissioned in the Operating status field.

Commissioning a new asset

To commission a new asset navigate to the space (room) the asset is located in and add a new asset.

If the new asset to be commissioned is the same as the decommissioned asset the asset type and some of the decommissioned assets attributes can be copied to the new asset by copping the decommissioned asset. Either by using the “Save and copy” action on the save button or by simply copying the asset from the asset listing.

Linking the new asset to the decommissioned asset

Maintain asset history be including the decommissioned asset ID

In order to maintain a historical link between the decommissioned asset and the new asset the decommissioned asset’s ID (QR/Barcode ID) can be added to the new asset in the “Existing Asset ID/Barcode” field.

This can be done by typing the decommissioned asset ID into the “Existing Asset ID/Barcode” field or by using the QR/Barcode scanner to automatically populate the data.

Asset notes field

Asset notes, any additional info can be helpful to the admin team.

At the bottom of the asset drawer is a checkbox “Notes”. Use this free text field to add any useful information relating to the decommissioning/commissioning process you have just carried out. e.g. Job number may be helpful. This will assist the admin team.


  • Find the asset to be decommissioned and set the “Operating Status” to decommissioned.
  • If an asset is to be commissioned in it’s place;
    • Copy the decommissioned asset or simply add a new asset
    • Update with the new data including the new QR/Barcode asset ID
    • Populate the Existing Asset ID/Barcode if possible from the decommissioned asset
  • When commissioning a new asset that is unrelated to a previously decommissioned asset it is a simple process of adding a new asset
  • Add notes to assist the admin team if nesacary