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ELIAS Inspections Online and Sync indicator

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The Inspections app has a number of features that will help you manage your data when working on and offline;

  • Connection Status Indicator
  • Number of Un-Synced Records Indicator
  • Current Sync Status indicator
  • Sync Errors Indicator

Connection Status Indicator

The connection status indicator is the coloured disk between the search and bell icon. It indicates the current connection status of the Inspections app.

The connection is checked every 15 seconds, so will take this long to update after you go online. It also checks for connection strength, so although you may be connected to WiFI for example, if the connection is poor or slow it will not indicate that you are online.

Sync of records will not take place when there is no online connection. So if the indicator is red, you do not have a good connection and no records will sync either up to the ELIAS data base, or down the Inspections app.

  • Green = online
  • Red = offline

Number of Un-Synced Records Indicator

On the connection status indicator you may see a smaller red disk containing a number. This indicates the number of records on your device that needs to be synced. In the example above you can see we have 2 un-synced records.

When online (green indicator) you may see the un-synced records indicator briefly indicate a record when you save. This should be synced immediately and will clear down.

When offline (red indicator) the number of un-synced assets will build as you create or edit records e.g. edit or add spaces and floors or add and edit assets. Each change will increase the counter by 1.

As soon as you have a connection you will see the counter decrease as the records are synced.

Be aware of the number of un-synced records you have as these records are not safely synced to the ELIAS data base and could be lost if there is an issue with your device. Try and sync when possible during your surveying activity, if at all possible. See our article on working offline – Considerations for offline working with the ELIAS Inspections app.

Current Sync Status indicator

The current sync status is present when online status indicator shows online and there are records that need to be synced (green indicator).

This is the cloud icon. It will indicate the direction the assets need to sync up arrow/down arrow against the cloud icon.

The cloud icon will pulse when syncing. The number of records/images is indicated in the text next to the cloud icon.

Uploads are prioritised over downloads, so if you save a change whilst downloading, the download will pause whilst the upload takes place. The download will then automatically continue when the upload is complete.

If the cloud icon is not present then ELIAS Inspections is not syncing. Syncing can not take place when offline (red indicator).

Sync Errors Indicator

When collecting and synchronising data, ELIAS may occasionally show a small red disk containing a number attached to the Bell icon.

This indicates the number of records on your device that have failed to synchronise will require technical help to process.

If you see this indicator displayed at any time please contact the ELIAS Support desk as soon as possible for assistance. Please do not leave to long as these records have not been synced and could be lost if there is an issue with your device.

ELIAS Support will require remote access to your tablet via Team Viewer in order to capture data details.