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Exclude images from initial download on the ELIAS Inspections application

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This blog will inform the user how to prevent the download of images for a specific Tenant prior to activating and downloading facility data to the tablet.

This is a useful feature to reduce the amount of data that needs to be downloaded when working in ELIAS Inspections. It will reduce the load on the sync engine and save on data usage. If you do not need to see all images offline in the facility you should disable the download of images.

Default Setting – Download images (on)

The new toggle can be accessed via the settings icon and is situated alongside the Select Account function. By default the Toggle is set to “on” and all images for an activated facility will be download to the your device (tablet) database alongside the facility data.

Image Download function turned off – Download images (off)

To stop images from being downloaded the “Download images” button you should de-select the toggle until the button turns grey and shows the label “Download images (off)”.

On activation of your the chosen facility only site data will be downloaded to your tablet.

  • You will still see images you have added when working offline and online
  • You will still see images in the edit drawer when you are online
  • You will not see any other images if you are on or offline

Help Icon

If you click the help icon next to the image toggle switch you can see a reminder of the options.

  • When enabled (on/green) – all images for your active facilities will be downloaded and can be viewed offline.
  • If not enabled (off/grey) – you will only see images you have added. (when offline)