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Data Import – ELIAS Administration.

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The ELIAS application has an administration section that allows users with the appropriate permissions to manage their estates User and Account details, the location hierarchy and data importing.

Once a Supplier user, with administration permissions, has successfully logged in to ELIAS they are presented with the Analytics home page. To access the Administration Portal home page the user needs to use the App switcher and select the Administration option.

Analytics Home Page – App Switcher

Admin Portal home page.

Admin Portal Home Page – Supplier User.

How to Import Data.

To Import data into your estate you’ll need to access the Data Import from the side bar. Clicking this option will display the Data Import home page.

Admin – Data Import

This Panel will display all data import attempts that have been made into your estate. The data displayed can be filtered and sorted to suit.

Data Import – Filter and Sort

In order to import data you will need to complete a data template which can be downloaded from the home page.

Select the Import data button.

Data Import – Home Page

Clicking through the Import Data button will open an edit draw and the user is able to enter the following data.

  • Account – Select an Account into which data is to be imported
  • Import File – Attached the completed data template containing the data to be imported
  • Import Name – Name given to identify the specific Import attempt.
  • Import Type – Method of Import
    • Add New data only
    • Add new & update matching data
    • Overwrite matching data
Data Import – Import Type