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Getting Started with ELIAS Inspections

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How to access facility data and navigate the ELIAS Inspections application as a surveyor or engineer.

To access the ELIAS Inspections application you will need an ELIAS surveyor user and have an account with facilities assigned to you.

Making a Facility “Active” on your Device

Facility list
Home page and facilities list

On logging in you will be directed to the ELIAS Inspections home page. This contains a list of your facilities;

  • You will not be able to work until you have selected a facility and made it active on your device. This will download the survey data to your tablet so you can work on it offline
  • Select the facility you want to work in by downloading the facility data to your device using the button on the left of each facility
  • The data will sync from ELIAS to your device to allow you to work offline should you loose connection
  • The select button will show green and the number of assets will be displayed when the initial data is downloaded
  • The navigation for the facility will be active when the initial data is ready
  • Images may take a few minutes to download, you can see progress top right on the sync indicator

Dedicated help article describing how to use the facility filters on the Inspections home page –

Finding Assets and Navigating the Facility

Assets listing
Space page showing the assets list

Navigating the location hierarchy within a facility;

  • Locations are navigated in a logical manner reflecting the environment;
    • Facilities page – contains the floors within that facility
    • Floors page – contains the spaces in that floor
    • Space page – contains the assets in that space
  • Each floor or space will have a link in the name column to take you down to the next level
  • Each floor or space will have icon in the right hand side to take you down to the next level
  • In the space page you can access the assets within that space by clicking the edit icon in the right hand side

The Breadcrumb – Navigating back up the Location Hierarchy Tree

Breadcrumb navigation

The “breadcrumb” is a navigation device that reflects the path you took to your current page. The top level is always the “Home” page.

It will allow you to understand where you are in the facility, allow you to step up to the next level and ensure you can always easily find your way home should you get lost.

Adding and Editing assets

We have a dedicated tutorial video that will take you through the process of editing and adding assets within the ELIAS Inspections application which can be accessed on this page –

ELIAS Inspections Supports Offline Working

The ELIAS Inspections app allows you to continue working on facilities that have been activated and synced to your device. Find out more about working offline in our dedicated article – Considerations for offline working with the ELIAS Inspections app.

Video – How to get Started with the ELIAS Inspections Application