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Inspections home page facility filter

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On the home page of the ELIAS Inspections application the facilities that you have access to are listed. If you have a lot of facilities you will need to use the facility/location filter to find a specific facility in order to activate it and manage the data.


  • Login to the ELIAS Inspections application
  • On the home page use click into the filter
  • Use the Locations tree to find the facility you want to activate
  • Or start typing into the search box and the Locations tree will automatically start to show you matching facilities, sites or regions narrowing your results
  • You can select any level of the Locations tree;
    • Region
    • Site
    • Facility
  • Click on any level of the Location tree to select only matching facilities in the listing

NB: your active facilities are always shown at the top of the facilities listing

Short video showing the Location filter in action