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Search in the Inspections Application

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How to find Facilities, Floors, Spaces and Asset records in the Inspections application using the global search

The ELIAS Inspections application has a global search function that allows you to find records within your estate data collection by search. It is located in the header section of every page within the Inspections application and can be accessed by clicking on the magnifying glass icon. The search input box will then be visible and will allow you to search using text and numbers.

Accessing the global search

This functionality enables the Inspections user to search globally across their estate for the following values;

  • Facility name
  • Facility External ID
  • Floor name
  • Floor ID
  • Space name
  • Space local name
  • Asset ID/Barcode
  • Existing Asset Barcode
  • Asset local name
  • Asset Type
  • Asset Manufacturer
  • Asset Model

Entering text, a minimum of three characters, into the box will search the estate for any matches and display the returned list for selection.

Note: The search is not case sensitive.

search results

Inspections Search Results

Selecting an item from the displayed list will direct the user as follows;

  • Facility – will display a list of Floors within that Facility.
  • Floor – will display a list of Spaces located on that Floor
  • Space – will display a list of Assets located in that Space
  • Asset – will display the Asset edit draw.

Inspections Search in Action – Enabling a Search

accessing the search functionality

Inspections Search in Action – input of search criteria