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Reset user password – Admin

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As a user with ELIAS administrator permissions you can reset a users password on their behalf. They can also reset their own password using the “Forgotten password” link in the login page

How to reset a user’s password

  • Login with a users that has admin portal access
  • Navigate to the “User Management” page
  • Use the listing filters and sort to find the user requiring their password reset
  • On the user record row in the listing click the reset icon on the right side next to the edit icon (it is a square with an arrow facing right)
  • The user will be automatically sent a new temporary password to enable them to login. They will be asked to create a new password as part of this process.
  • The temporary password is only valid for 24 hours, if not used within this period the password will need to be reset again.

NB: please make sure the user is expecting their password to be reset as it will be easy to miss the email containing the temporary password.

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