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Getting started with ELIAS Analytics

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The aim of ELIAS Analytics is to provide access to estate insights, enabling informed conversations and decisions to be made that affect the estate.

Analytics is the window into your ELIAS digital estate

The ELIAS solution offers the following capabilities:

  • Ability to maintain asset data integrity over the asset lifetime
  • Access to a live digital asset register, estate overview, and individual asset record including “Asset health check”
  • Fully filterable estate data using asset attributes such as:
    • Condition
    • Location
    • Asset type
    • Operating status, and more
  • Export data in CAFM format (2-way API access also available on request)
  • Lifecycle, replacement cost, and FMR

We have numerous help articles covering the specific modules and features in Analytics. This article will focus on orienting you to Analytics, Navigation ,and Accessing your Data.

Navigating Analytics

My Estate listings:

  1. Facilities, Floors, Spaces, and Assets
  2. “Show more” button to page through listing records
  3. Use filters and sort options to navigate; expand filters using the chevron, and select by clicking the text
  4. Selected filters can be removed
  5. Listings have 2 views: tabulated data and card view (image). Change view using the switch


Details pages:

  • Facility and Asset both have details pages accessible via the relevant listing
  • Include tabbed sections for additional information and hierarchical links for system and location navigation
  • Help article – Asset Status and Asset Health Checklist



  • Navigation availible on every page the allows you to step back through the path taken to reach your current page
  • Back button available on every page, allows you to step back; the “…” section of the button contains your last 5 pages visited

Account switcher:

Video – Getting started and navigating the Analytics application